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Ex-Nickel Plate Berkshire-type locomotive 765, repainted, renumbered, and modified to resemble its former cousins, the 2-8-4s named Kanawhas by the C&O, headed up three Fall Foliage excursions through the spectacular New River Gorge in 1993 and Pentrex followed the masquerading 2765 on its trips from Huntington, West Virginia, to Hinton and back, through one of the most popular train watching spots on the continent.

Here is the thrill of steam locomotive action, with grey smoke billowing and plumes of white steam rising into the air, tracks twisting along a rocky river gorge, and scenic West Virginia mountains bathed in glorious fall colors. Engineer Rich Melvin invites us into the cab for the ride from Montgomery to Thurmond, and explains what hes doing and how the engine is performing. He has plenty to say as the locomotive pulls upgrade on wet rails, slipping its drivers again and again as it makes its way through the gorge towards Hawks Nest. Experience the echoing sounds of the steam whistle, the rumble and roar of the locomotive as it flashes past our camera, and the excitement of steam power thundering up and down the mainline again in C&O 2765, New River Masquerade!

DVD Special Feature: Chapter Menus provide instant access to program segments. 1 Hour 30 Minutes In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration Presented in Standard 4x3 Format

CHESAPEAK & OHIO 2765 - NEW RIVER MASQUERADE DVD 2765DVDRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $20.97
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