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We follow 5 East Cost Steam Engines. The first engine is a 1914 built Porter 2-6-2 #26 at the New Jersey Transportation Museum. It travels on the loop track on museum grounds. The second engine is Valley Railroad #40. The train runs from the Valley Railroad Station in Essex County to Deep River. Here passengers transfer to a steamboat to ride the river. The third engine is also at Valley Railroad. It is the Chinese built #1647. We travel with #1647 to the end of the line at Chester County. Our fourth engine is Steamtown's ex-Canadian Pacific #2317. We will travel to Kingsley Station at Clark Summit. We pass through Nicholson Tunnel and over the Tunkhannock Viaduct. Our fifth engine is the Atlantic & West Point #290. The engine will travel on a loop around Atlanta. We will do runbys at Emory, South Peachtree Creek and Admore Park.

66 Minutes.

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