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Volumes 1 and 2 are Clear Block Productions' salute to our home town - Marion, Ohio. Formerly the crossroads of the Erie, Pennsylvania, Chesapeake & Ohio and New York Central Railroads, during the 1990's Marion hosted an average of over 50 trains daily on Conrail, CSX, and Norfolk Southern. One of the things that make Marion unique is that all three roads cross within yards of each other at Marion Union Station and 'AC' Tower. 'AC' controlled the busy crossing until 1995, but was saved from the wreckers ball by a relocation project headed by the Marion Union Station Association, or MUSA.

Volume 1 provides a review of Marion's early railroad history, a tour of Union Station - now undergoing renovation by MUSA, a brief look at the Marion Model Railroad Club, a close around the clock look at Conrail, CSX, and Norfolk Southern railroading around the area, and scenes inside 'AC' Tower itself. Videotaped over a 7 year period during all four seasons, these 3 busy railroads provide a great variety of motive power, trains, and action! The final 30 minutes of volume 1 covers AC's relocation, which culminated in the November 26, 1999 move of the tower to its new location east of Union Station.

Also Available "MARION 'AC'" - Volume 2. Packed full of more exciting 24 hour a day views of the Big Time Action Marion is known nationwide for, AC-2 is 110 minutes long with on-screen titles providing train and location information is the perfect video for fans of Contemporary Midwestern Railroading.

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