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Join Pentrex as we travel back in time to the summer of 1972- a truly a great time to be a railfan in Southern California. During Amtrak's first summer in 1971, the Super Chief/El Capitan enjoyed high ridership levels, which prompted Amtrak to run an additional train between L.A. & Chicago during the busy summer months. This train, known simply as "The Chief," had a daily 1PM departure from L.A. that allowed for a daytime run over Santa Fe’s Second District mainline and the majestic Cajon Pass. This became the only time "The Chief" was ever run.

In this fascinating DVD watch leased Santa Fe F Units pulling the Chief eastward out of Los Angeles through a number of communities and over Cajon. Both Summit and Sullivans Curve are shown before major realignments would soon change these areas forever. You don’t want to miss this incredible footage!

The show wraps up with a ride aboard The Chief between San Bernardino & Barstow!

All footage was captured on Super 8 film equipped with its own recorded sound. Take a time travel adventure with Pentrex on The Amtrak Chief!

40 Minutes

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