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Featuring 2 Shows on 1 Disc! Amtrak Across America: 25th Anniversary and Amtrak's X2000 Demonstration From the early years when a rainbow mix of motive power and passenger cars pioneered its debut service, Amtrak has been a subject of avid interest to railfans. Pentrex celebrates the first twenty-five years of Amtrak history with two special documentaries. Included on this Combo DVD are:

Amtrak Across America; 25th Anniversary. Climb aboard for a tribute to the first quarter century of America’s national passenger train service. Amtrak’s colorful history rolls across the screen, from the earliest years to the Genesis locomotives and high-speed corridors of the 1990s. Historic footage of passenger trains prior to Amtrak sets the stage. Then you’ll see great views of Amtrak as it evolved. Highlights include the Southwest Chief, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, Desert Wind, Sunset Limited, and other well known trains as they travel on the Northeast Corridor, the Hudson Division, Horse Shoe Curve, Chicago Hub, and other famous routes. Travel to scenic locations across the country to see Amtrak at its finest!

Amtrak’s X2000 Demonstration. Amtrak’s search for new equipment to serve the Northeast Corridor allowed ABB-Traction to demonstrate its futuristic X2000 trainset. After initial testing, the X2000 began scheduled revenue service in February 1993, running from Washington, D.C. to New York City and occasionally on to New Haven and back. The sleek, high-speed train amazed everyone with its looks, speed, and ride. Pentrex takes you aboard the train to see how its radial self-steering trucks, car body tilt functions, and regenerative braking systems operate. A cab ride gives you an idea what it’s like to zip down the corridor at 135 mph. Then we go trackside and airborne for shots of the train racing through the countryside. Join Pentrex for a ride on Amtrak’s X2000 Demonstration!

1 Hour In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format

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