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In the early 1990s, Iron Horse America set out to document CSX railroading on the former B&O mainlines crossing the Allegheny Mountains of the eastern US. The result was a 4 volume video collection filled with over 11 hours of dramatic coverage.

Volume 1 takes you on an extensive tour of the CSX mainline that follows the Potomac River between Hancock, WV and Cumberland, MD

Volume 2 Over 150 years ago, the B&O Railroad reached Cumberland,, located strategically at the eastern base of the Allegheny Mountains, and constructed a large terminal there to support operations over its two legendary grades, the West and Sand Patch.

Volume 3 The West End has been called the toughest mountain railroad in the Eastern United States. This legendary route crosses the eastern Continental Divide from Cumberland, MD to Grafton, WV. Four steep grades of up to 2.8 percent make helper engines necessary over an incredible 66 mile district.

Volume 4 CSX's Sand Patch Grade in western PA is one of the most popular railfanning sites in the eastern US. Heavy tonnage, high density traffic and grueling mountain grades are trademarks of this famous former B&o route.

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