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Featuring These 3 Shows on 1 Disc: Gerald M. Bestís California Limiteds California Zephyr Western Pacific on TV Three rare films are brought together here for a nostalgic and thoroughly entertaining revisit of California railroading from the 1920s to the 1950s. Included on this combo DVD are:

Gerald M. Bestís California Limiteds: The films of railroad cinematographer Gerald M. Best are highly prized among devotees of the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe. This video takes you back to the late 1920s for Bestís own black and white movie footage capturing the Lark, the Daylight, the Grand Canyon Limited, and even the Santa Paula local. The action is mostly in Southern California but youíll also see Pullmans over Cajon Pass, action at long vanished city terminals, and the only footage we know of showing the Mt. Tamalpais gravity car! Black and white. 33 Minutes.

California Zephyr: In this rare 1950s public relations film, youíll see glimpses of Ď50s-era Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Oakland, and San Francisco, stopping points on the east-west route of the famous California Zephyr. Enjoy images taken in the diner, the sleepers, the Vista-Dome coaches, and from trackside. Relish the spectacular scenery that made this route so popular. Plus, a rare newsreel is included that features the last run of the California Zephyr! Color. 30 Minutes.

Western Pacific on TV: Step back to 1956 and join host Bob Day in a television salute to the Western Pacific Railroad. This ďSuccess StoryĒ episode begins at WPís Oakland Yards with the 1872 Baldwin Genoa and Alco #94 steamers, Lucius Beebeís elegant Gold Coast private car, and WPís new F-unit #803-A, the pride of its fleet. Your tour includes the commissary, classrooms, and the Sacramento shops. Plus, youíll see the California Zephyr on the Feather River Route. Thanks to this gem of a film, we can view the Western Pacific when it was the role model for the American success story! Black and white. 30 Minutes.

1 Hour 33 Minutes In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format

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