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CONRAILs CONCLUSION-The Water Level Route-Toledo DVD

One of the most interesting cities in the focus for this installment of our Water Level Route series on Conrail. We tour this Great city from its far eastern edge at Millbury Jct, to its far west side at Swanton. In between, you will see non-stop action at Vickers, Oakdale, rail and water traffic at the Maumee River Drawbridge, Central Union Terminal, Swan Creek, and Nasby. There was just TOO much going on in Toledo to fit in with our other programs, so we've devoted an entire DVD to this fascinating stretch of railroad...Conrails Water Level Mainline through Toledo. 77 minutes - Color with on-screen titles and narration.

CONRAILs CONCLUSION-The Water Level Route-Toledo DVD CRWLTDVD$30.00
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