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IIn Volume 2 of Chessie Sand Patch, we’ll revisit the treacherous Sand Patch route between 1982 and 1984.

Though technically under the umbrella of the CSX Corporation since late 1980, the Chessie System continued to maintain its identity at this time and the busy train operations remained largely unchanged.

We’ll follow the variety of freight trains as they struggle to conquer the grueling mountain grades from Cumberland to the west slope and back, and close with a brief visit to the Mountain Subdivision and the famous 17 mile grade.

The most popular hot spots on the Sand Patch and Mountain Subdivisions are featured, including: Cumberland, Sand Patch, Hyndman, Fairhope, Mance, Salisbury Junction, Altamont, Wet Cut, Deer Park and more.

Filmed by Jonathan Reck

Narration and subtitles

Color; approximately 55 minutes run time

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