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With so many changes happening today, here is a chance to witness many of them in a way that only a personal visit can surpass. Amsterdam has built a new line that takes cars from its big city system, and some special new ones that also run on its Metro or subway. We see the two other precedents for this most innovative of new light rail systems. The across the ocean to visit the newest systems in North America, Los Angeles and Baltimore while on the West Coast we take a good look at San Jose and it historic cares. The to Newark to visit the “City Subway”, with its PCC’s that appear years younger then they actually are. We continue south to Philadelphia to see how SEPTA upgraded some street running on route 56, and how the authority is making do on its Route 100 Norristown Hi-Speed line. After that a look at Baltimore testing its new LRV’s on the new line, and a glimpse of the Metro. Finally, a look at some of Est Berlin’s more rural lines in the southeaster suburbs. We keep you well advised of your location through graphics and narration.

1 hour 34 Minutes

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