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Even if you have every program in the Carson Home Video catalog, this one will round out your collection. If you don’t have any, this will point you in the direction of your interests. We cover Seattle’s waterfront line and Denver’s new light rail line in great depth. In San Diego we see the entire Santee extension and take a look at the new SD-100 cars and the North line. We see every incarnation of the San Diego U2 car and all of its derivatives in North America. In between is coverage of Portland’s “Vintage” cars, San Francisco’s rebuilt Philadelphia PCC’s and LA’s new Green Line. In addition, we see 4 unique European trains running in North America” RENFE’s Talgo, Adtranz X-2000 and Flexliner, and the Siemens ICE from Germany. We catch glimpses of the monorail in Las Vegas, the new light rail line in Dallas, the new Red Line cars in Boston, the RDC in Syracuse.

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