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While planned in the 1930s the line only became a reality in the mid-1950s at a time when few cities were doing anything but improving mass transit. It is unusual in that while classified as a heavy rail system it utilizes overhead power pickup and shares track with the Shaker Heights lines which are classified as light rail. As professionals and fans know there is no real distinction between these technologies and this program proves it. Unfortunately this line might be classified as the most underutilized rail transit facility in the US, so while the cars could handle many more passengers the loads tend to be quite light. It is almost entirely outdoors and built on former railroad right-of-way. The cars were built in the mid-1980s by Tokyu car of Japan. The journey in this program begins at the airport and proceeds eastward through most of Cleveland ending at Windermere, with historical prospective. This program was shot in the early 90s and the line has subsequently seen some modernization and the left handed operation seen in the program has been eliminated.

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