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Resulting from the local desire not to build more freeways and to improve air quality, the light-rail line had its birth in September of 1986. We see it here seven years on, fully mature and part of everyday life. Our roundtrip begins in Gresham on former interurban right of way. We join another former right of way segment for some center of road running before paralleling the rebuild Banfield freeway. We enter the downtown core of Portland by way of surface streets through the office, retail and convention area and “Steel Bridge” – a two level lift span. The cars are unique in North America, built by Bombardier to a BN (Belgium) design developed for Rio. (Since these cars were built, Bombardier has purchased BM, and stand to be a major player in future light rail construction). As this program contains a round trip we return to Gresham. The entire journey is enhanced by many runby scenes and mostly sunny skies.

1 Hour 29 Minutes

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