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With all the right things in common with an interurban of 70 years ago, the San Diego trolley has been a huge success. Reports are that on super bowl Sunday the system moved 285,000 people. Quite a feat for a line that originally was intended to move 9,500. As you probably know, there is little that is high tech or overbuilt here. Just nice electric cars on an old railroad with grade crossings. It then reaches town and runs in the street. Passing through a new office development that would never have been built were it not for the trolleys existence, it continues running parallel to the quite active former Santa Fe Railroad line that carries many passenger trains daily. Finally a turn to the east and we proceed into the Mission Valley where the trolley has carved out an entirely new right-of-way. Shot primarily in 1998we covered the entire line from San Ysidro to Mission San Diego.

1 Hour 26 minutes

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