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Salt Lake City is a place that looks as though it should have an interurban or two. In fact, it at one time did. However if you visited the city in the last few decades you’d have had a tough time finding any electric rail transport. In December 1999, that changed. Utah Transit Authority’s light rail line nick named ‘TRAX” opened and caught on as though it had been there for a long time. Except for some street running in downtown Salt Lake City, the line utilizes a former railroad right-of-way, and continues to handle interchange freight. Rugged mountains surround the valley in which the line runs and if you share your video with non-trolley fans, they will enjoy the views. The pace is fast over this line which is about 15 miles in length. Though mostly double tracked there are two short single track bridges. The shops are actually off line and we cover the non-revenue track used to connect to it. The program features a round trip cab ride with many run pas sequences.

1 hour 25 minutes

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