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At one time there existed an interurban, much like its North American counterparts, connecting these two cities. Today, this line has been integrated into two of the best run light rail systems in the world, those of Bonn & Cologne. The result is a fascinating amalgam of rights-of-way. The trip begins south of Bonn on what was yet another interurban, the Bonn-Godesburg-Mehlem Bahn. It then proceeds on private right-of-way, center of road and tunnel into the city of Bonn. From there it continues mostly on high speed private right-of-way, much of which handles freight as well as frequent Stadtbahn cars. Then it enters the busy Cologne system during rush hour with cars on 30 second headways. The character of the line changes no fewer than 5 times on this trip. We also get a look at historic shots, showing what the equipment looked like in the days before integration into the local system of the two cities

1 hour 28 minutes

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