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Our ride begins as the edge of town, as streetcar lines have been extended here as the city grew. Our path twists and turns frequently as we ride more or less diagonally across Prague, continuing to the opposite end of town. On our journey we meet many other lines and pass through the old center. While the transition to capitalism is visible, this is still a city noticeably run by communists for many years. It is a city with a rich history and that is also apparent. There’s lots of service here, and most is provided by the Tatra T3 cars, which were in production for many years. Tatra was the last company to pay royalties to the ER-PCC, and while there are many differences between the T3 and a US style PCC, certain PCC “trademarks” are evident. This is a very long line with running times scheduled at better than 65 minutes, this programs is primarily a “motorman’s view”, with a few runbys. A brief look at one depot, a train station, and the metro are included as well. Photographed in bright, but overcast weather.

1 Hour 11 Minutes

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