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This an entirely conventional streetcar or tram line. You probably know this is one of the world’s largest surviving systems. We start on the outskirts of town, the cars reverse by means of street trackage which runs around a block. The on main streets, though on reservation, either on the side or on the center. Next, we meet Vienna’s S-Bahn (commuter trains) part of the way in and then cross the Danube beyond which we share the streets with rubber tired vehicles. Our car is of the type shown on the front, basically of the PCC era, although not a PCC. Our view is over the operator’s shoulder and we can clearly see a controller indicator which allows us to see precisely what the operator is doing. As this was shot back in 1996, none of the ultra-modern low floor cars are shown. We get a look at the Vienna U-Bahn and S-Bahn and especially the U-6 which is operated with surface type rolling stock. There are also views of trams on the famous ring with its well-known public buildings such as the opera house.

43 Minutes

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