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One of the few major railroads to actually go where its name implied, the DT&I connected the southern Ohio coalfields with major western Ohio cities and Detroit. The seeming handicap of running north and south in an east and west oriented nation was skillfully turned into a major asset, leading to the road's motto, "We have the Connections."

Covering the DT&I during the road's final 25 years at locations including Detroit, Delta, Leipsic, Lima, Quincy, Springfield, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Jackson, VIGNETTES OF THE DT&I" has the Connections" as well, including PC and EL in Lima, PC and Conrail at Quincy, and the L&N at Decoursey. Highlights also include a 1957 cab ride over the south end between Jackson and Springfield, surprising footage of Bicentennial unit 1776, and a brief look at second-cousins Ann Arbor and Michigan Interstate.

70 Minutes

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