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Far off in the wilds of eastern Quebec, isolated railroads haul heavy trains of iron ore from remote mines to docks along the St. Lawrence River. Volume 1 of Eastern Quebec's Ore Lines covers the action on two of these hard working operations. The Cartier is an all-Alco powered railroad, with a fleet of big, six-axle M-636s growling and smoking as they lug long trains across the line. Also featured is the Quebec Iron & Titanium Romaine River Railway. It's one of the most remote railroads in all of North America. No access roads had been built in 1993 when this production was originally released, so workers had to be transported to the facility by passenger train.

The scenery is gorgeous and the railroad action is nonstop here. Cartier's big Alcos are dazzling as they work their way across Quebec's beautiful landscapes. We visit the open pit mine and learn how the iron bearing rock is processed. At Port Cartier, we're treated to a tour of the locomotive and car shops. A visit to the dispatcher's office reveals a modern computerized CTC system in operation. Now, in Volume 1 of Pentrex's Eastern Quebec's Ore Lines you can experience the thrill of big time, heavy haul railroading at its finest, filled with Alco power and incredible scenery!

DVD Special Feature:•Chapter Menus provides instant access to program segments. •Includes the option of watching the program with or without narration.

1 Hour 20 Minutes Beautiful Color, with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format

EASTERN QUEBEC'S ORE LINES VOLUME 1 DVD EQOR1DVDRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $20.97
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