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The Oldest Narrow Gauge Line Still Operating in the US!

In 1997, when this show was originally filmed, the East Broad Top Railroad was the oldest narrow gauge line still in operation in the US and the last original narrow gauge railroad in existence east of the Mississippi River. Most of the original track remained intact. Historic artifacts lined the route as if caught in a time warp. Our tour of the railroad found abandoned freight cars, deserted yards, stations, tunnels, water tanks, and bridges along the old right-of-way.

Journey with us to the mountains of southern Pennsylvania to learn about the East Broad Top"s rich heritage. Then take to the rails to see the line as an excursion operation. Experience the thrill of riding in the cab of a Mikado-type locomotive and witness the spectacular beauty of steam engines running on clear, cold, October days. A special railfan weekend has the East Broad Top running all available equipment, including doubleheaded steam trains, freights, and the EBT"s M-1 motorcar. See for yourself why the East Broad Top is one of railroading"s national treasures!

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1 Hour 48 Minutes In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration

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