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Pentrex takes you where few have ventured: deep into the inner plant and strip mines of LTV Mining Companyís Minnesota operation as it existed in the early 1990s. Youíll see the last intact group of EMD-delivered F-Units that remain in service on what was formerly known as the Erie Mining Railroad. Thereís plenty of Alco action on mine runs, and Baldwin switchers are seen working around the plant.

This is the complete taconite story. Starting with the removal of ore-bearing rock from pit mines, we trace the process from crushing and pulverizing to concentrating the ore and forming taconite pellets. Once the pellets have been formed, they are transported to the dock by railroad for their journey to LTVís blast furnaces.

LTVís roster of locomotives is truly unique, with units from three different manufacturers. A group of Electro-Motive F-9s is used to haul 96-car trains of taconite pellets to the ore dock. Rock is hauled from the strip mines by Alco diesels, primarily RS-11 roadswitchers. Alco C-420 engines and a C-424 are also used. A fleet of Baldwin S-12 switch engines handles supplies for the plant. Youíll see all of these locomotives in action as they perform their daily routines around the huge mining complex. Then youíll climb aboard the cab of an F-9 for the trip to the Lake Superior ore dock. Itís a beautiful ride through the north woods of Minnesotaís remote iron range country. Hop aboard with this exciting presentation of LTV Mining Railroad!

1 Hour Beautiful Color, with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format

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