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Come along on a journey of discovery when Pentrex set out in the early 1990s to explore the railroads of the Pine Tree State. You’ll see all the freight operations of the time plus a fascinating tourist line. Maine’s beauty is revealed as you follow the trains through villages and across the open countryside. The Bangor & Aroostook, Canadian Pacific, Saint Lawrence & Atlantic, Belfast & Moosehead Lake, and Guilford Transportation’s Springfield Terminal are all covered. The Alco RS-11 of the Maine Coast puts on a show for us as we witness the new railroad’s movements.

At Brownville Junction, we stay up all night to catch the nocturnal operations of Canadian Pacific and a VIA passenger train. Following a Bangor & Aroostook local freight, we watch it work its way along the line. The locomotives at the Springfield Terminal will surprise you, as many older-model diesels work in daily freight service. The wide range of locomotive types and paint schemes will captivate your interest and the scenic beauty of the state provides a perfect backdrop for the great railroading action you’ll enjoy in Today’s Maine Railroads!

1 Hour 45 Minutes Beautiful Color, with Stereo Sound and Narration

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