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3 Shows on 1 Disc!

Here is a priceless collection of vintage films that highlight the style and efficiency of the mighty New York Central Railroad. These three videos were selected for their intriguing mix of motive power, variety of trains, historic scope, and exciting display of rare images. Included are:

The Water Level Route. Noted rail photographer Bill Warrick created this documentary stretching from the 1905 Empire State Express to the end of the 20th Century Limited era. You’ll delight to K-Class Pacifics, Niagaras, Mohawks, and Hudson locomotives; the Century Mercury, James Whitcomb Riley, and other name trains; first generation diesels and early electrics; Grand Central, Buffalo Union Terminal, Cleveland Union Terminal, and La Salle Street Station; and many other fascinating views. B&W and Color.

Within the Oval, the NYC System. This PR film was made by the NYC in the early 1950s to demonstrate the railroad’s involvement in the nation’s economy. Featured are day-to-day operations with Pacemaker freights, passenger trains, first generation diesels and electrics, as well as Hudson, Mohawk, and Niagara type steam locomotives. At the time this film was made, the NYC ran over 26,000 miles of track, and was a major force among America’s railroads. Color.

The 20th Century Limited on TV. In 1955, the TV series “Omnibus” sent host Alistair Cooke, Trains Magazine Editor David P. Morgan, and a team of cameramen to Grand Central Station for a live broadcast about NYC’s most famous train. At track 25, Morgan explains the train’s consist, introduces the 46-member crew, and interviews the engineer and fireman as we wait for the Century to depart. We move to Tower A for a demonstration of the control board and to the dispatcher’s office for further information. Then we’re inside the cab of the moving train for a brief chat with the engineer. It’s a piece of railroading history you’ll want to watch over and over again! B&W.

1 Hour 47 Minutes In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration Full-screen (4x3) Format

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