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Featuring The Pennsylvania Railroad Collection and The Standard Railroad of the World

For 125 years, the Pennsylvania Railroad was the leader of its industry and proudly called itself the Standard Railroad of the World. Now, for the first time, two outstanding video productions about the Pennsy have been combined onto one DVD for your total viewing entertainment! Featured are:

The Standard Railroad of the World: The mighty Pennsy is well represented in this superb video biography. You ll see steam, diesel, and electric power including K-4s and GG-1s, T1 Duplex 4-4-4-4s, shiny E-units, and even doodlebugs. Penn and Washington Union Stations are shown and you ll enjoy images of the Broadway and Congressional Limited. Also featured are the Northeast Corridor (including the Long Island Railroad) and commuters; inclined planes of the 1830s; Horseshoe Curve, Rockville Bridge, and Enola Yards; the wreck of the Federal Express and the birth of the Metroliners. Producer and director Bill Warrick spent years poring over archival footage and data and the result is this milestone production. Color and B&W.

The Pennsylvania Collection: The Pennsylvania Railroad of the 1950s was a railroading show unlike anything else. With powerful duplex-drive T1s, classic GG-1 electrics, and "next generation" cab unit diesels, the Pennsy was truly a class act. In this video you ll get to sample that era through a collection of previously released Pennsylvania Railroad publicity films. Included are: "Progress on Rails," "Wheels of Steel," "Opening a New Frontier," and "Clear Track Ahead." B&W.

DVD Special Feature:

* Chapter Menus provides instant access to program segments

2 Hours 9 Minutes In Color and Black & White with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration

THE PENNSYLVANIA COLLECTION DVD PENNSYDVDRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $17.97
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