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In volume 13 of Railfanning with the Bednars, we view the last of the lost footage from early Conrail and Delaware and Hudson from April through October 1978.

During this time, Conrail began changing the operating game plan.

While the D&H was still running a respectable amount of traffic, that would soon begin to change as Conrail shifted its focus of operations.

Conrail began tightening the reigns to maximize efficiency and minimize loss.

This made operations on Conrail infrastructure a challenge, especially to the third parties like the D&H or anyone else using Conrail trackage.

The circus train becomes the perfect symbolism for what was happening at the time. The operational changes had everyone jumping through hoops. Even Conrail became part of the act on a regular basis.

Big Mike provides his usual colloquial humor commentary for the last of the lost Conrail and D&H footage and the end of the film collection. But donít worry, thereís still more to come from the gangís tape collection.

Narrated with commentary by Mike Bednar

Color and sound; approximately 49 minutes runtime

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