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In volume 16 of Railfanning with the Bednars, we go back in time a bit to found footage again from the Bednar collection from December 1986 to June of 1987.

We’ll see more of Conrail removing the Lehigh Valley mainline, as well as a birthday trip for Jimmy Hulsman on the Blue Mountain & Reading’s Budd cars, and the rapidly increasing traffic for Conrail.

Unfortunately, as seen in previous volumes, the D&H was in a spiraling downturn of business due to the poor management of Guilford and dwindling traffic. The end was near for the Delaware and Hudson.

During this time, Pop had employed the use of two cameras and would switch cameras when one needed repair, creating a staggered numbering of tapes and an out of sequence timeline. As we review the collection, there may be more tapes with scenes out of sequence in future volumes.

Narrated with commentary by Mike Bednar

Color and sound; approximately 60 minutes runtime

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