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From 1935 - Convinced that he will never learn railroading in the Detroit offices of the mighty Transcontinental system; headed by his father, Gordon Harrington (Frank Sheridan), Gordon Harrington Jr., (George O'Brien) takes to the road. He soon comes to be known as "Whispering Smith" because he lowers his voice when he becomes excited. After weeks of hard railroading work, he becomes track walker for the antiquated Blake line, and is attraced to its general manager, Nan Roberts (Irene Ware). Rebstock (Edward Keane), a representative of Transcontinental atttempts to buy Nan's farm when he learns that it contains tungsten ore. He is trying to work a deal through J. Westly Hunt (Kenneth Thompson), who is also romancing Nan. "Smith" investigates and soon discovers the truth behind the offer with the aid of his two old cronies, Bill Prouty (Vic Potel) and Cal Stone (Spencer Charters). He makes it impossible for Nan to close the deal, but Hunt takes her to Detroit where he opes to close the deal. Quickly securing and option on the Blake line. "Smith" takes a Transon engine and races it through the signals to Detroit. B&W

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