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1. THE RAILROAD STOWAWAYS - Andy & Bill (Laurel & Hardy types) are out of a job and hit the road. After boarding a train with no tickets the Conductor assignes them to work in the dining car where they cause so much trouble they are tossed off the train. B & W with subtitles 8 Minutes

2. THE TRAIN WRECK - A short railroad drama featuring a businessman who risks his own life in a staged train wreck in order to promote an all steel passenger rail car. B&W sound 7 Minutes

3. A SLIP AT THE SWITCH - This is an early railroad comedy featuring a deaf sheriff and his deaf deputy playing checkers while two hobos try to take a $5,000.00 cash shipment from a bumbling station agent. To complicate matters the train dispatcher is trying to contact the agent in an attempt to avoid a head on collision between the Flyer and a Special coming in the oposite direction. B&W Sound 19 Minutes

4. UNTITLED RAILROAD FILM - An untitled Swedish Art Film with excellent european steam and electrics. B&W Musical Backgrond 18 Minutes

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