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PRR scrapbook is dedicated to the memory of the PRR and it's employees. We begin in color (the 16mm film was shot by Robert Sage) with a brief look at the St. Louis area. We then move to the North-South main line between Washington, DC and Philadelphia for scenes shot from several different GG-1's as well as scenes from the rear of the train. We then board train 3307 powered by GG-1 4872 at Penn Station, NY for a "head-end" ride (in black & white) on the fireman's side all the way to South Amboy. Over 75 pictures of PRR employees are seen including Train Dispatchers, Movement Directors, Clerks, Leverman, Engineers, Firemen, Conductors, Breakman, Maintainers, Helpers, Janitors and more - all to help preserve the memory of the 'PENNSY'.

1 Hour Color and B&W.

PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD SCRAPBOOK DVD RVP186DRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $25.46
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