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We begin with the October 14, 1962 Ramble from Bethlehem to West Milton covering locations including Port Clinton, Tamaqua, Phoenixville, Perkiomen Jct. and Dekalb St. Station. followed by rambles on May 12, 1963, June 9, 1963, June 22, 1963, September 21, 1963, October 19, 1963 and February 26 and May 7 of 1972 covering locations including Jenkintown, Bethlehem, Allentown, East Penn Jct. ARCO, Klapperthal Jct, West Trenton, Onley Station, Nicetown Jct. West Falls, Cromby, Pottstown Station, Stowe, Hershey, Pencoyd, West Namayunk, Swedeland, Bridgeport, Valley Jct., West Reading, Macungie, Ringtown, Manville and more. Most of the Rambles were powered by the Reading T-1 locomotives with FP-7s being used in a few instances.

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