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This program features non-stop run-by action of P.R.R. steam, electric and diesel powered trains at many locations on the Philadelphia and New York Divisions. Power includes P-5, P-5a, GG-1, DD-2, E-44, B-1, MP-54, F-7, E-8, I-1, T-1 (leased RDG) Hudson & Manhattan Muís, Baldwin Centipedes, Sharks and more . Also included is coverage of the 1962 Army-Navy game operations. The original 8mm film was shot by Dale W. Richards with authentic sound tracks edited by Walter Berko. This is all new footage never before published.

Color - Sound - 70 Minutes

PRR POWER VOLUME 7 DVD RVP208DRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $25.46
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