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PRR Power Volume Eight features the never before published digitized, 16mm color films of George H. Meyer. Featuring steam on the Horseshoe Curve, Enola, Northumberland, Lancaster, Rockville, Strasburg, Shamokin Branch, York Haven, operations on the NY&LB as well as operations at the PRLS yards in Camden. The 7702-1232 double header special to Enola is also seen at numerous locations. Doodlebugs are featured on the Jamesburg Branch as well as the former RDG W&N Branch. Baltimore coal dump operations, Sunnyside Yard, Enola roundhouse and yards are seen with steam diesel and electrics operating. Also seen are numerous scenes on the New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore Divisions featuring GG-1, P-5, MP-54 and other electrics.

1 Hour 25 Minutes - Color Sound

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