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This video contains two Pennsylvania Railroad produced vintage movies plus GG-1 "Head End" highlights.

1. "WHAT IN BLAZES" A P.R.R. diesel and electric engine fire safety movie produced for the Pennsy about 1955. A variety of P.R.R. diesels as well as GG-1 and P-5 electrics are featured. COLOR - SOUND - 18 MINUTES

2. "CLEAR TRACK AHEAD" Produced for the Pennsy's 100th birthday in 1946, this film describes the growth of the P.R.R. from 1846 to 1946 and features steam, diesel and electric trains with interior, run-by and "Head End" shots. All departments are represented including train and engine, on-board service, C&S, M of W, E.T., power director, block operator, train dispatcher, heavy equipment repair, etc. A true classic for Pennsy fans! BLACK AND WHITE - SOUND - 27 Minutes

3. "GG-1 HEAD-END HIGHLIGHTS" Highlights of a "Head End" ride aboard GG-1 4882 between Penn Station, New York City and South Amboy, New Jersey. BLACK AND WHITE - SOUND - 15 MINUTES TOTAL RUNNING TIME - ONE HOUR

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