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P.R.R. Power features the famous Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 electric engine in action from her early days on the Pennsy to her last days in service with New Jersey Transit. Many run-bys between New York, Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg as well as "Head -End" cab shots. Many other P.R.R. engines and trains seen in action include D-16sb, K4, B-l, P-5, P-5A, E-44, MP-54, MP-85, AS-6, AS-10, BS-24, BS-12, BP-6OA, EP-20, AF-1S, EF-36 and more. The original film (shot between 1937 and 1979) was transposed to video and authentic sound tracks were carefully matched and edited to make this one of the finest and most complete videos ever produced covering the P.R.R. 60 Minutes - Color - Sound

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