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We open at daybreak at the west end of Sunnyside yard located in Queens, N.Y. as an Amtrak train powered by an AEM-7 (on both ends?) departs for Penn Station followed by shots of more Amtrak (including "Pumpkin" powered wire train) Long Island R.R., N.J.Transit and N.Y. City subway trains. We see the car wash on the loop in action as Amtrak and NJ Transit trains pass through. You will also get a look at "Q", "Harold" and "R" towers as well as the engine pit. We depart Sunnyside Yard with a look at "F" tower as a Long Island commuter train passed and enters "Line 4" (one of the four tunnels under the East River). At Penn Station we see various Amtrak, N.J. Transit and Long Island trains passing "A" tower before we head upstairs the main waiting room for a few announcements including "The Crescent". Next we view Amtrak and N.J. Transit trains entering and leaving the Hudson River Tunnels at Bergen, N.J. We then move west to "Portal" drawbridge. We then move west to "Hudson" tower at Harrison, N.J. for a few more run-bys including PATH trains. Several GG-I electrics in storage and owned by N.J. Transit are viewed before moving west to "Dock" lift bridges over the Passaic River. Several Amtrak, N.J. Transit and PATH trains are seen arriving and departing at Newark Station before closing with selected run-bys at the "B&O Bridge" at Linden, N.J. 60 Minutes - Color - Sound

We begin at "Hunter" interlocking which is located in Newark, N.J. with run-bys of Amtrak and N.J. Transit trains, a Conrail westbound freight passing over the former Lehigh Valley bridge and a look inside "Hunter" tower viewing the Operator at work as a westbound N.J. Transit "Raritan Line" train heads up "The Hill". Then we head west to "Lane" tower and sub-station. Our next stop is North Elizabeth Station for more run-bys then west to "Elmora" interlocking which is located just west of the famous "Elizabeth Curve". "Elmora" is one of the busiest interlockings on the "Northeast Corridor". Again we move west to the B&O bridge in Linden, N.J. and Linden Station for more run-bys and on to Rahway Station and "Union" interlocking with more run-bys and a look at the operator and leverman at work. We close part two with run-bys of Amtrak, Conrail and N.J. Transit trains on the main line and many N.J. Transit trains entering and emerging from the "Eastbound" and "Westbound" Holes (tunnels under the Amtrak main line giving access to the "Perth Amboy & Woodbridge Branch").

60 Minutes - Color - Sound

THE NORTHEAST CORRIDOR VOLUMES 1 & 2 DVD RVP3-1-2DRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $25.46
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