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Witness the nation's most intense commuter and rapid transit systems at work in and around New York City on the IRT#1 Broadway line, the IRT#4 line, the old Fulton Avenue El, the Jamaica Bay line, the Long Island Railroad at the Queens Village and Bellrose Stations, as well as Metro North and Amtrak trains at the 12Sth. Street Station and the 225th. Street Bridge area. Featured equipment includes: R-26A, R-26, R-10, R-32, R-27,R-38, R-44 cars, Long Island MTI5AC, GP-38-2, F-7, FA-l, Metro North M-l, FL-9 and the Amtrak Turbo Train. 60 Minutes - Color - Sound

TRACKING THE BIG APPLE DVD RVP44DRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $25.46
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