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The Strasburg Rail Road is a nine-mile round trip between Strasburg and Paradise, Pennsylvania through the heart of Lancaster County's Pennsylvania Dutch countryside. We begin this program aboard engine no. 90 as we depart from the station at Strasburg. You will see the engineman and fireman hard at work with close-ups of the firebox, controls and gauges. After arriving at Paradise the engine changes ends for the return trip to Strasburg.. With the camera mounted on the roof of engine no.90 you will get a spectacular view as we round the curve at "Hobo Camp" and approach Eshenshades crossing. The following engines are featured: P.R.R. engine no.7002 (an E-7 which set a world speed record in 1905 while pulling the Broadway Limited in Ohio),P.R.R. engine no.1223 a D-16b 4-4-0, No. 31 an ex-Canadian National Baldwin 0-6-0, an ex-Great Western Baldwin 2-10-0, no.90 and additional equipment on display. 60 Minutes - Color - Sound

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