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This re-release on DVD of a favorite video of the SP is revised and better than before.

Lots of Bay area magic on the San Francisco Peninsula during various decades of SP operation. Final visions of late steam 'commutes' and freights down the 47-miles double-track main to San Jose. See the famous FM Trainmaster diesels with long, fast commute trains on three-minute headway operation in the seventies. Also Passenger Geeps and SDP45 action in commute service that has long disappeared.

Relive the Third & Townsend passenger train experience with inside and platform views. Watch train-after-train cruise by the station's yard tower to the platform area. Visit old Bayshore Yard and see the FM switchers plus a roundhouse full of old SP power.

Learn the history of the commute trains into the Cal Train Service era of the 90s. Ride a former SP passenger GP-9 on the Oakland Terminal Ry. Great running on Oakland street trackage to switch freight. Hear the owners of famous GP-9 number 5623 explain how the SP passenger GP-9s were modified for commute operation in the good old days.

See some local freights on the Peninsula with more street and mainline running. Visit the Vasona Branch out of San Jose to see the Permante Locals with heavy trains and three locomotives on some amazing roller-coaster trackage.

Action in the west Oakland Yard with 70's action rounds out the presentation

Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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