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Visit S.P in numerous western locations with film and video shot over the last 12 years. This video brings in Arizona and the Lordsburg District , the coastline, Donner and a number of branchlines with great scenery, great trains and a lot of action. Branch line trains in Lompoc and Santa Cruz, as well as sugarbeet and the famous "Oil Can" trains all work their way past their lens. This video also includes some really cool SDP45 pace shots, cab ride footage, a lot of interesting camera angles and neat graphics such as maps that peel away to show the scene and way cool blends and fades. All of this is done in a fast moving editing style that doesn't leave the viewer wondering when the next train is going to enter the frame or pleading for the boring runbys to end. The presentation is rounded out with a visit to the Stockton Junction a place where the SP, UP & Santa Fe all pound the diamonds. This section features older power including high-hoods and older GE'S.. It's no wonder that Stockton is a premier Western train watching location. This video is a must for every SP fan because it features all of the different facets that made SP a legend in the West.


Arizona Lordsburg District Coastline Donner Line Great Branchline Action Stockton Beet Trains Oil Can Trains Santa Cruz Branch Ione Branch Much more RAILFAN RAILROAD magazine stated

Smiley does a good job of capturing the character of the SP in the days before the UP merger.

This Is a darn good video, and at $30.00 for 90 minutes of tape, it's a really good deal to boot. It's a good encore to Charles Smiley's Southern Pacific By The Bay.

Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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