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The Santa Fe we knew is gone but the imprint it left on the west is celebrated here on brilliant color film that has been digitized and edited with care. A number of film sources show the late-great Santa Fe through a variety of motive power changes that reflect the Santa Fe's ability to respond well to an evolving industry. Few roads could compare to their quality of service. They left a positive and lasting impression on the public. The railroad industry in general maintained credibility through their efforts. Even in the rough times.


"Diesel Power on the Santa Fe" gets off to a rousing start, with a fast-paced montage of motion picture and still images set to suitably dramatic music. Many of the scenec feature the classic places of the Santa Fe-Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal in days of the F's, Tehachapi, Cajon, and Barstow Yard. The careful editing (and excellent maps and graphics) do justice to the subject. This is a fine tape and one that will appeal to the Santa Fe's many devoted fans.-C.S

The Cast:

GP20, GP30 & GP35 SD24, SD26 & SD45 CF7, FP45 & F-units ALCO PA - ALCO S & RSDs U-boats & cabooses at all the great hot-spots Visit Old Cajon, Tehachapi, Mojave, Barstow Yd. plus the Stockton and Pasadena Subdivisions. See LAUPT and many other locations with both passenger and freight trains. Vignettes from Illinois, New Mexico and Arizona. See the Santa Fe in the evolving years from 1965 to 1985.

Length: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

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DIESEL POWER ON THE SANTA FE DVD SD117DVDRegular price: $28.50Sale price: $22.00
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