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See the Milwaukee and rivals from 1955 to 1978 covering the electrics, diesels and some lingering steam. Plenty of runby and trackside views of a vanished way of life in the mountain districts. Marvel at the GE Boxmotors, Bipolars and "Little Joes" and visit a number of locations.

We review the history and technical aspects of the Milwaukee and how they fit in with their rivals and allies. The end of electric railroading and eventually the Pacific Extension is covered in the era of great mergers and changes.

Railfan & Railroad comments

As with all Charles Smiley tapes I have seen, there is a lot of added value bayond just showing transferred, railfan-shot film footage. This tape is a good choice for Milwaukee Road fans and for those who want a primer on an important piece of railroad history between Chicago and Seattle.-Tom Kelcec


Seattle, Tacoma Chicago Rocky Mountains Deer Lodge switching Substation views Electric Diesel & Steam Competing Lines

Length: 1 Hour 7 Minutes

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