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Visit 8 states, and see America's original and longest-standing line that helped build the west. Filmed by 14 different people, this material has plenty of the unexpected! Follow UP from the Harriman era to the modern times. See the phase-out of steam and the first and second generation diesels. The focal point is in the 1960 to 1980 period with the onslaught of mergers in the industry. Visit UP's new WP line for a great mix of trains.

Featuring: E and F units, Early Geeps, SD24 and Uboats , DD35, DD40, U50, Turbines, Steam and More.

This video will bring the viewer a good overview of the Union Pacific's rise to success from the E.H. Harriman days to the UP-MP-WP merger era. Besides the great UP action, we bring their competition into the picture and some of the railroads that nearly made it into the UP camp. See special coverage of the WP 'Inside Gateway' and the Feather River Canyon when the merger was beginning plus UP trackage rights trains on the Santa Fe.

Length: 1 hour 38 minutes

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UNION PACIFIC VINTAGE WEST DVD SD120DVDRegular price: $28.50Sale price: $24.00
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