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Watch the legacy of the Burlington Northern history unfold over the decades from the James Hill days to the 1970 merger. The BN in its original form has climbed to a new level with the BNSF merger. The quarter century of BN green brought many fans who never saw the great predecessors that formed it. We bring that missing story to the screen

Including coverage of

Inside Gateway Chicago Area Iowa Washington Oregon Montana Idaho See the historic formation of the American giant of the North - Burlington Northern. We cover those great vintage trains of the GN, NP, CB&Q and SP&S from the fifties into the seventies. Learn the history behind the James Hill lines and the legacy of building not only a rail empire but a good portion of the US economy. See the Zephyrs and the California Zephyr plus the trains of NP and GN that brought modern-travel style.

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

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