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Remember the WP from the late steam era into the eighties with film from 18 different sources. We bring the real WP to the screen with freight and passenger trains plus interchange with other roads. A Sacramento Northern section of electric freight along with other surprises will show the variety of WP business interests. Follow the Zephyr story from 1934 to 1970 with extra coverage of the WP's partners, Rio Grande and CB&Q.


California Zephyr Steam to Diesel FT to F7 Power Uboats and Geeps SN Electric Freight WP Rail Ferry Feather River Ry. See the WP and many other roads relevant to WP history and business relations. Extra highlights include scenes from the Sacramento Northern, Rio Grande, CB&Q, Wabash, SP, NYC, ST&E, CCT, Quincy and the Feather River Railway. Plus, the railroad that built the Oroville Dam on WP's old mainline.

Including coverage of

Feather River Nevada Desert High Line Oakland Pier Stockton Niles Canyon Oro Dam

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

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