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See the Key System from its early days with ferryboats to the Bay Bridge era. Learn the history from start to finish of the great East-shore Empire. Visit all the lines and cross the bay by ferry and bridge-rails to San Francisco. Streetcars, Bridge-articulated units and many surprises, plus cameo appearances of early Muni and IER make this a transportation story.

Featuring: Pre & Post WWII Action, Street Car Lines, 1939 World's Fair, Ferryboats, Bridge Trains, Color & Black and White.

Relive history on the Eastshore Empire built by Borax Smith from numerous streetcar lines. Follow the rapid build up of the area from the real estate and building days of the builders of the Key System. Ride a train to the ferry terminal. Witness the new Bay Bridge and the 1939 World's Fair. Ride the bridge trains and see early views on both sides of the bay .

Lots of pre and post WWII action. Film in color and black and white with maps, graphics history, period music and narration

Length: 1 hour 1 minute

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KEY SYSTEM EMPIRE DVD SD123DVDRegular price: $28.50Sale price: $22.00
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