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This 1950 to 1978 look brings the long-gone visions of SP out west. See Cab-Ahead steam and early F-units in snow on Donner Pass. Visit both sides of the beautiful Bay Area. Run out to old Tracy and Lathrop riding the San Joaquin Daylight trains. See the City of San Francisco, Coast Daylight, steam 'Commute', local and mail trains.

Some Locations: Old Sacramento,San Francisco , Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, Colton, Tracy, Shasta, Donner, Suisun Bay, Altamont Pass, Tehachapi...and more...

Other Features: Passenger, Freight, Diesel, Steam

All Vintage!!!

Diesels in Daylight, Black Widow, Tiger Stripe, Gray & Scarlet color schemes

Freight trains behind steam and early diesel power take you back to a more interesting period that will never return

Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

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SP VINTAGE WEST DVD SD125DVDRegular price: $29.50Sale price: $22.00
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