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Join us for a look back at the SP in the 1990s and in earlier views of the 1970s. See Coastline action along SoCal shores with mainline and local freight trains.

Visit White Hills, Lompoc and Santa Paula branch lines and follow the venerable Saugus Local and see its efficient crew keep schedules for freight customers on Metrolink’s busy Saugus Line that was bought from SP.

We bring nostalgic SP action in the Tehachapis with lumber, oil-can, coal-drags and general freight. Remember the days when 5 front and 5 back were the “norm”. See the SP power that has been taken away by the 1996 UP-SP merger that has erased so much of the past.

More action and views from the San Fernando Valley, Cajon Pass and Beaumont Hill bring you a SP that you can fondly remember.

These are the missing views that define the SP to every fan that misses the railroad that built Califor- nia into the giant economy that remains today.

Lots of fun and lots of older SP power that went away from the scene.

The vintage film scenes include sugar beet trains, lumber drags and early GE U-25, and U-33 power that has long since vanished from the SP. The Bakersfield Yard scenes are compared from 1993 and way back in 1971. See old ALCO and EMD power in SP’s finest days when units were clean and without graffiti. Don’t miss this video!

Length: 1:40

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