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We are proud to release "Midwest Electric Rails", our most ambitious production to date. This extensive presentation will paint the transportation picture that once wrapped around the lower part of the Lake Michigan-from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, down through Chicago, Illionois and ending in South Bend Indiana. The Chicago street car lines were claimed to be the largest system of its kind at one time. From 1858 it grew from a number of small lines using horse drawn trolleys that ran on tracks in the street.The scenes you are about to view are nearly all from the 1950 period to the early 1960's. Most of these electric inturban lines are gone with one exception. Plus, we have a few other surprises of how people commuted and traveled in these areas. This program has a wealth of color movie film mainly from 1950's, thru the changes into the 1960's. The accurate sound recordings, accompanying these movie scenes, bring back the auditory experience of living in those bygone years. Maps and graphics were specially created to enhance the relevance of the beautiful and nostalgic color movie scenes. These are presented with a well-researched and meaningful historic narrative.

It took many more years of smaller lines combining into what eventually was one giant system. The Chicago Surface Lines boasted 1000 miles of track and over 3000 streetcars of various designs. See hundreds of nostalgic views of streetcars, interurban trains, city and suburban life.

Sparkling beautiful 16mm color film Visions you can no longer see today!

1 Hour 36 Minutes

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