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Into the 90's, SOO, Volume 1 Chicago  Milwaukee  St. Paul DVD

Few railroads have undergone changes as radical as those that the Soo Line has experienced in the last 10 years. Virtually all of their original mainlines east of the Twin Cities were sold as a result of the Soo "accidentally" acquiring the old Milwaukee Road's routes.

The Milwaukee's Chicago - Twin Cities main was a fast piece of railroad, through, and still is under the Soo Line. Into the 90's - The Soo Line - Volume I covers the Chicago - Milwaukee - St. Paul route, with high-speed Soo, CP Rail and Amtrak trains visiting Rondout, Milwaukee, Columbus, Lacrosse, Winona, Red Wing, and more.

Volume II of this set will cover the Soo's Twin Cities - Portal, ND line, as well as its Chicago-Kansas City and Chicago-Louisville routes.

In addition, more exciting Soo Line action at Sturtevant, Brookfield, and Columbus is featured on Clear Block's Into the 90's - From Dusk to Dawn, along with Grand Trunk, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, and Amtrak.

110 minutes

Into the 90's, SOO, Volume 1 Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul DVD SOO1DVD$30.00
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